The strategy and implementation of strength training and conditioning for the USD Coyote track and field team focuses on the five primary biomotor abilities.  These include strength, speed, coordination, endurance, & flexibility.  The combination of these helps improve power, agility, and mobility.

The weight training program is divided among Olympic lifts, core lifts, recovery lifts, as well as general strength exercises.

  • Olympic Lifts: Powercleans, Snatches, Jerk, and Hang Cleans.  These lifts completed with medium to high resistance emphasizing speed of the bar.
  • Core Lifts:  Squats, Bench, Front Squat, Incline, Single Leg Squats.  These are done with high resistance and low repetitions.
  • Recovery Lifts/General Strength Lifts:  These lifts are done to enhance endurance and strength as well as improve coordination and alleviate muscle imbalances.
  • Cardio area: Include 14 treadmills, stationary bikes, stairclimbers. All of the nessicities for endurance work, but without the pounding!

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Physioball workouts and basic pillar holds are also integrated into the strength training program. They are mainly done to help strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

During the off season is a great chance for coyote athletes to get healthy, improve flexibility, and get stronger